Why You Need A Solar Cell Phone Charger

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Solar cell phone charges are special electronic devices that utilize solar panels to charge mobile phone batteries. In other words, the solar cell phone charges are a convenient alternative to the typical mobile phone charges that use electricity. There are several models of the solar powered cell phone battery charges. However, the first solar battery charge model was the Strawberry Tree that was released into the market in 2011. There are several versions of cell phone charges, and they differ in shape and configurations.


For example, there are the rotating versions and the folding types such as the Goal zero endless solar. It is important to note that there are also solar powered charges for other mobile phone devices such as bluetooth headsets and speaker phones. Essentially, the charges have a special nickel hydride battery on the inside and solar cells on the external layers of the device. Generally, the time required to fully charge the batteries differ depending on the magnitude or size of the charger. The fold out version generally more efficient because they allow more charge current, and also a compact size.  The most recent designs have the capacity of fully charging a smart phone within three hours.


The first important feature of the solar powered battery chargers is the fact that they do not require an external source of electricity to charge the batteries. This is the most distinct feature that makes solar powered charges to stand out from those that require external electrical sources. The ability of solar powered charges to work even in areas with no electricity provides freedom and convenience to users. This is because the power from the sun can be accessed in any region or part of the globe provided the weather is favorable.


At the same time, solar cells do not generate harmful emissions into the environment. Issues of environmental conservation and clean energy have become so common in today’s business world. Environmentalists, consumers, and the business world have become extra sensitive to products that emit toxic gases and wastes into the environment. Consequently, all business sectors have been trying to come up with products that will make business sense by generating profits but also minimize wastes and emission of toxic substances into the environment. In this regard, the solar powered battery charges makes a good business sense because they are sustainable. Generally, solar cells do not generate even any by product that may harm human life. Essentially, the solar powered charges are built on the concept of transferring energy from photon into electron. This process makes the electron free, and enables the electron to continue flowing freely.


In essence, the use of solar to generate power replaces other sources of energy such as coal that produces harmful environmental pollutants. For example, coal emits more than 50% of the total sulfur dioxide gas in the United States.

Moreover, solar power is sustainable. Whereas other sources of power such as coal are non-renewable and fixed in nature, solar is an infinite resource that has the capacity to serve several generations without getting depleted. This also implies that solar power is the cheapest source of electricity. This is because power from the sun is available at no cost.


In conclusion, the use of clean energy continues to attract the attention of consumers, business community, governments, non-governmental organizations, and the academic institutions. This is why the demand for solar powered battery charges is likely to increase in the near future. Solar chargers are also cheap, and sustainable because they do not require a lot in terms of maintenance costs. Finally, solar powered chargers do not generate harmful by products into the environment.

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