Tips and Tricks for GPS Tracking and Remote Camera Access Features

Did you know you can use GPS tracking through mobile spy software to help you take pictures with remote camera access?  If you want to know someone’s exact location you can use the GPS tracking to find out.  Depending on the situation you may want pictures and you don’t need to the camera in your hands; your remote web portal or control panel will help you complete these options without leaving your computer.  Such features can help you know where someone is fast and discreetly.  So why would someone want these features and how can you benefit?

When You Need to Verify Where Someone Is

When you call someone and ask them where they are do you always believe them?  Sometimes you can tell when someone isn’t being truthful about their location.  You can use the GPS tracking feature to learn instantly where they are located. You can also use the feature to help the person find their way if they are lost.  In some cases it is important to verify where someone is.  For parents who want to know where their child is they don’t have to ask when using the software.

gps tracking

They can instantly connect to their web portal through their mobile spy software and get details saying exactly where they are. Businesses can use the option to verify location of their employee.  Yet, if the employee claims they are at home sick they will be in for a rude awakening if the GPS tracking feature detects them being somewhere hundreds of miles away.  The remote camera feature could catch details unrelated to being sick at home in bed.

When You Can Take Pictures without the Target Device Owner Knowing

The remote camera access feature lets you take photos with the target device without touching the camera.  This is a good way to see what is going on around the target phone and what the owner of the phone is doing.  You can use pictures for evidence and save them on your computer.  There are software options that let you remove photos as well.  You can view images taken on the phone by the owner and prevent them from being sent until you approve them.  Taking pictures with the device without the owner knowing it is a great way to collect evidence relating to any suspicions you may have.

Download and Save Imagines from Remote Location onto Your Device

You’ll have time to develop a plan if necessary to confront the person of interest about content on their cellphone.  In the meantime you can use mobile spy options to save images captured on the target phone. The images can be taken by you or the owner of the phone.  If the owner of the target phone tries to send a message with an image or download content they may need permission or your approval if you set this option.  Your control panel lets you discreetly keep photos and you can send them to your computer or other form of file storage.